New search for answers and cause dissapearence Kris Kremers

Press Release

New search for answers and cause dissapearence Kris Kremers.

Amersfoort – July 25th, 2014 – We, the parents of Kris Kremers, have decided during these last few weeks, that we want to continue our search to get answers for Kris on our own terms. The information that has been shared with us at this point raises to many questions and provides no answers. We are not able to draw any conclusion as to what may have happened at this point in time. In our opinion, it has not yet been established without any doubt that this is just a simple disappearance and that the girls just simply got lost.


On Friday, July 18th, we wanted to discontinue our joint venture with a memorial held for Kris and Lisanne. We, as a family, cannot say our goodbyes to Kris as long as there is still all this haziness and uncertainty surrounding her mysterious disappearance. As her family, we will continue our search up until the point we feel we’ve done all we possibly can to find answers for Kris. In our opinion it still remains to be seen what has truly happened to her while the facts are still incomplete. There would have been made too many illogical steps ​​by our girls we can not explain, based on their nature nor the circumstances in which they may have found themselves in.

We feel a great desire and need to uncover what truly happened to them. We can’t yet exclude the option regarding involvement from third parties. To do a proper investigation, we need to have all the facts, information and data which was recovered from the smart-phones and camera from the girls. We are mostly still waiting for those results, but hope to receive more of them next week while in Panama.

Besides that, we are counting on the authorities in Panama who will continue their search for the remains of our beloved daughter so we are ultimately able to say our goodbyes.


Due to the fact we are now finishing-up our joint search with the other family, as parents of Kris Kremers, we’ve decided to launch a new website with which we can keep the people in The Netherlands, Panama and the media informed regarding our next steps in this search and the progress that will be made. The foundation “Find Kris & Lisanne” will continue to exist and we of-course will inform the Family Froon of any progress during the investigation.

The new website will be operational in the next few days and will be completed with more information as soon as possible after that.

For any questions regarding this press release please contact our spokesperson; Nikki van Passel +31 (0)6 300 430 40

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